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puellamagielisamagica: have a safe trip nee-sama <3 and good luck! *hugs*

When did you send that??? D: I’m at the hotel right now, IT’S IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE I DON’T EVEN… The trip wasn’t too bad… I guess. The train I was supposed to take to go from London to the middle of nowhere was cancelled but hopefully I could take another (with a change) to get there. I arrived later than I was supposed to but everything went fine. I was just completely lost once I got there, trying to figure out which car to take to reach my hotel. Errr, I took the right bus and stopped at the right station in the end so everything is good! The fact that no one could get me to the airport of Geneva wasn’t a problem because the way I went there was almost faster than by car (and not really more annoying.) The flight from Geneva to London went well but I guess the London part was annoying… I didn’t remember the subway to be THIS annoying when I went there last year… Oh well…

Thank you! I’ll do my best tomorrow and on Thursday! <3

Who's your Servant?


Between me and soulofdragon we made a shindanmaker that chooses for you your Servant in the Holy Grail War. It uses all of the confirmed Servants


Landscape on Behance © Matus Koprda

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2 week old bunny’s first day outside and he discovers the slide

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utena meme - two of six side characters: the shadow play girls

"by the way, did you know only one girl can be chosen at the audition?
do you know, do you know? do you know who it’ll be?”


Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa

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Sound Horizon Mega Debut 10 Year Anniversary Special Part 2

Anniversary Maxi

"Vanishing Starligh" Release Oct 1st 2014

The second part of the Mega Debut 10 Year Anniversary is the long awaited Anniversary Single “Vanishing Starlight”. For 10 years Revo has used his own genre “Story Music”, but his new stage is “modern Japan”, something Sound Horizon hasn’t covered yet. It’s the debut of the new band Vanishing Starlight from a parallel world.

More a summary than a translation from the news that came in just now, I should be studying for my exam tomorrow so this is all  can give you for now…


“Amaterasu, origin of all that is good and mother to us all”

It’s been really so long since I wanted to do an okami fanart. I guess now I kicked myself to finally do one.

Infinity Judge is totally my favorite weapon in the game. it looks so cool and mysterious


making flat shiba





why use gendered terms like dude, girl, etc with your friends when u can just call them comrade


❤☮☭folloш foя мoяе soft сoммцпisм☭☮❤


folloш foя мoяе soft but still resemblant to hard like Siberian winter сoммцпisм

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Megaten games has the recurring themes of free will, law, chaos, death and rebirth, and the protagonist being watched while he sleeps. 


made some more ZNT fanart, help i’ve fallen, nine is too hot


銀山温泉 - そんなあなたに

"They seemed to have a fixed notion of what fantasy means to them. and to them it consisted of a medieval European world. I wanted to change that."
Yoshinori Kitase on Final Fantasy X and its Southeast Asian inspired setting.